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Model: Nivatima R. Dimentia/Nivi Hicks.

Photography by ParenthesisX/Dana Graham.

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technomancers who turn themselves into wi-fi hotspots

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南門市場 Nanman Market, 桃園Taoyuan part 1

The nearby market from my home. Mostly Grandma and Granpa come here to buy fresh veggie and meat! Full of people here and gives the flavor of Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market 築地市場. A heaven for street photographer as there are so much going on everywhere. The total location is also quite big and easy to get lost. 

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Jonathan Smith: Streams, 2013

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Congolese Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Daily Street Life In Puddles

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prince and pocket boyfriend( 。◍ˇސުˇ◍。)


prince and pocket boyfriend( 。◍ˇސުˇ◍。)

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technomancy in the age of iphones and paypal apps

battery life spells (but it’s equivalent exchange, so you’re going to be tired as hell in the morning)

absolute love potions being outlawed due to ‘unlawful coercion’

infomancers who draw their power from the number of wikipedia editors online at any given moment

kids with pet-allergic parents conjuring up their own spectral apparitions to play with

kindle versions of spellbooks. related: online marketplaces for spell ingredients. (bitcoin black market necromancy supplies). 

support groups for beings moving out of the realms and to earth (pamphlets like ‘smile!: 8 simple social cues to know’ and ‘what is this ‘coffee’ stuff anyway?’)

elemental deconstructionists (elemental boundaries? it’s 2014 come on)

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Do your best jump and fly.

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GATHERERS, another new one for SooJin Buzelli at PlanSponsor. This is for an article about how healthcare and retirement planning can work in unison.

I liked all my sketches for this, though, as usual, only one of them actually works for the prompt. It usually takes me a bit to really suss out the core of the article. There’s a balance that the working sketch strikes that none of the others do.

When these projects pop up, and I can more or less draw anything, as long as it relates back to the topic, I almost always try to exhaust whatever current topic my mind is focused on, before trying different subject matter. Last time it was knights, this time it was strange animals. 

I usually get a lot of color advice from Kali, but she had a bigger hand in this one than usual. Pretty much steered the whole ship for a little while.

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Azuma Makoto sends flowers to space in his latest installation piece, Exobiotanica.


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Do you feel something like princess,senpai?


Do you feel something like princess,senpai?

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getting ready for battle xoxo

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